copy progress bar; windows

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Dec 23 00:48:44 EST 2003

> This works (almost perfectly). Thank you very much. The updated 
> application is on
> Now there is one slight problem (well not a problem)
> the progress bar is visible on startup and onthe first search, 
> hoewever if you do a second file-transfer the progress bar only 
> appears when the transfer is completeing not before and after.
> This is NOT a problem :-) just an asthetic thing.
> Any ideas?
Almost afraid to answer hear, as you must be getting sick of me :-)
Make sure the progress bar is not visible when you build your app, then 
it will only be shown during a transfer, and not be seen on startup. If 
in doubt, put a "hide scrollbar xxx" in the preOpenStack handler.

> these snippets of code you have given me are invaluable for learning..
Glad to be of assistance.
> Thanks Again
> bob; Sunny Scotland
Sarah; hot Queensland, Australia.

Cheers & happy holidays to everyone on the list.

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