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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Sat Dec 27 03:11:27 EST 2003

Hi Mark,

> Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 02:13:53 +0000
> From: Mark Smith <mark at>
> Subject: Save a copy...
> Anyone got a handy way of 'Saving a copy as...'? I simply want to save
> a copy of the whole stack file including all substacks and everything
> each time I open the stack during development. The docs seem to suggest
> that 'clone' is the only way to go, but I'm far too stupid to figure
> out how to clone the thing without the clone opening. 'Save as' has the
> same problem. I'm  baffled.
The usual Mac way is all I know:

1) Hide Rev in the Finder

2) Open the folder your stack is in and choose the file (don't open)

3) Pull down the file menu and click on Duplicate or just hit cmd/D. You'll
see a new file come up in the list, something like "MyStack.rev copy"

4) Show Rev

Ken N.

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