Shrinking an image to a button icon

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at
Mon Dec 22 18:50:20 CST 2003

Now I'm getting unpredictable results and I'm not sure why.  Sometimes my
picture is 40 pixels too wide in all 4 dimensions, sometimes my picture is
offset to the top left by 40 pixels and sometimes it's right on.  I'm
getting an error (can't set that property) on the line "set the rect of card
1 of stack "Picture" to it".  Jim

Here's my script...

if it is "Enlarge" then
    lock screen
    go stack "Picture"
    put 300 into theTargetSize -- adjust size here
    set the filename of img "Palette Picture Graphic" to the pictPath of me
    put theTargetSize/the formattedwidth of img "Palette Picture Graphic"
into theRatio
    set the width of img "Palette Picture Graphic" to theTargetSize
    set the height of img "Palette Picture Graphic" to \
        round(the formattedheight of img "Palette Picture Graphic" *
        set the topleft of img "Palette Picture Graphic" to 0,0
    get the rect of img "Palette Picture Graphic" of card 1 of stack
    set the rect of card 1 of stack "Picture" to it
    set the topleft of stack "Picture" to 380,310
    palette stack "Picture"
  end if

on 12/22/03 6:11 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> set the loc of last img of stack "picture" to the loc of this cd of
> stack "


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