Capturing Audio and Video with RevRun

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Thank you for the feedback. This is good to know, too. Simplicity is what I am looking for. As I mentioned before the RealBasic app I have tried is tied to QuickTime. I love QT but if it can be avoided as an add-on download that would help things quite a bit. I'll be getting more familiar with Rev over the next couple of weeks... hopefully enough that I can get used to the feel of the language. If you do get a chance to try it out I would appreciate the help but no worries if not. I used to use Virtual PC regularly on my Cube but I haven't had a chance to get back to working on a Mac for a long time now. :( I do remember the issues you mentioned and it would be a good thing to know.

Thanks again and it does help.



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Video and Audio from within REV is one of the easier things I have
encountered using REV. I was even able to access the video controls for
an iSight camera which apple says is not meant to do and REV does it

I use all of the REV builtin video controls and they access the USB
camera just fine. There are a couple of sample stacks that do the
videograbber stuff and are good examples of good coding as well.

I did not see wether it relies on Quicktime or not or on Macintosh or
not. Sorry. If I have time I will try my stack out in Virtual PC on my
Mac. That may sound like cheating but actually if I can get it to work
in Virtual PC then you should have no problems because Virtual PC has
issues with loading drivers and sharing usb devices with the Mac. I
will do this if I have time this week.



On Dec 21, 2003, at 5:42 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Michael,
>> Hi Klaus,
>> Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately with our Logitech web-cam on
>> Windows 2000,
>> I couldn't get the build to work with it. I'm quite new to Revolution
>> though so I may have
>> missed something in the build process. I did check the "Use Video for
>> Windows" option
>> but none of the buttons responded. I'll keep trying though since I
>> have a few days left on the trial version.
>> Would you happen to know if it matters that the web-cam we're using
>> is USB?
> Sorry, no experience...
> Maybe other listmembers can help here?
>> Thanks again,
>> Michael
> Regards
> Klaus Major
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