Newbie Questions from a ToolBook Developer

John Ballard johnballard at
Sun Dec 21 19:53:22 EST 2003

Hi All,

I've been developing courseware with ToolBook for about 7 years, but I'm a
brand new user to Runtime Revolution.

I'm excited about the cross-platform possiblities. I'm ultimatly looking for
a second development tool and possibly something to switch to for full-time

If anyone can help me with the following concerns, It'd be much appreciated.

1. Are there any examples of large-scale distributions of anything created
with Runtime Revolution? Specifically, I'm looking to see if there are any
"gotcha" distribution issues, say some minor conflict that would pop up on
Windows XP Home with a certain type of video card. The applications I build
get distributed to many thousands so I have to look far down the road. I'm
not asking this question as anything against Runtime Revolution's
stability--it's just that ToolBook is riddled with "gotchas" that have taken
me half a decade to find and workaround. Just want to know if it's a
similiar experience here.

2. Is there any way to dock all of the toolbars in the development
environment to make it more of a one-window application. I"m trying the
program out in Windows, but will also try it out in OSX soon. I understand I
can edit the development-environment stacks, but this is a bit ambitious
since I just got started. :-)

3. Is there such a thing as a "background" or a "master page/stack/card" or
a "shared card" in Runtime Revolution? I'm looking for a way to put
something like a "next" button on this instead of having 200 copies of the
same "next" button on 200 cards.

Thanks in advance for any help provided,
John Ballard

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