Capturing Audio and Video with RevRun

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Sun Dec 21 22:05:10 EST 2003

Thanks again Malte,

That did the trick. Unfortunately the position of the preview object (image id 1008) doesn't match the position of the actual incoming video. It seems as if the position of the two boxes are a ratio of each other. Either way it seems to be able to capture and the positioning bit may coding that needs to be different for windows applications.

I just discovered the application browser so I'll be able to begin digging through code and seeing how apps are put together in Rev. Thanks again to all who have replied. Your help is much appreciated.


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>Unfortunately with our Logitech web-cam on
>Windows 2000, I couldn't get the build to work with it.

Hi Michael,

does it work in the IDE?
Have you included the videograbber external in your build? (check "all
others" in the Distribution builder)



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