Navigation palette questions

DavidSquance squance at
Fri Dec 19 00:29:33 EST 2003

The following statements are taken from the docs (RR2.1.1).  They seem
contradictory to me.

---A stack is unlocked if its cantModify property is set to true.

---If a stack's cantModify property is set to true, the user cannot choose
any tool except the Browse ---tool. This prevents the user from moving,
resizing, creating, or deleting objects.

Does it make any difference if this is checked in a palette stack?

As well, somewhere in the docs I thought I saw that controls in a palette
act on the current editable stack.  I created a palette for the purpose of
allowing navigation between cards (my project has 3 stacks which would use
this palette).  It has simple arrow buttons.  Another palette for switching
between stacks works fine.  The menu items (in the development environment)
of go prev, first, last, etc. work fine.  I tried the tip from the docs of
putting the "got message" line in the script, and that worked.  But the
card switching doesn't happen.  It would appear that the messages are stuck
in the palette stack, and not going to the current stack.

I assume I've missed something basic, but any suggestions would be
appreciated.  TIA.

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