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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Dec 11 10:49:18 EST 2003

Hi Dennis,

> As many newbie users have stated, the documentation for RR is lacking.
> If you go through the tutorials, there is a sudden jump form learning
> specific items to having to analyze an entire example project.
> This jump misses many common items found in GUI-based programs. As a 
> newbie
> myself, I am having difficulties with creating and processing radio
> buttons (both multiple select and single-only select from multiple
> choices), check boxes, scrolling lists with scroll bars, and scrolling
> lists with check boxes.  I have searched the various RR web sites for
> help with these items, but to no avail.  Therefore,  I would definitely
> appreciate obtaining simple, working example stacks showing how to
> program these common GUI features.  (I'm sure there other common GUI
> features, so please feel free to supply examples of those, too).

Let's see if we can fill this gap a bit :-)


After creating some radiobuttons, you will have to "group" these buttons
and the correct behaviour (only one button hilited...) is set 
for that new group.

See the "Group Inspector" -> property: radiobehaviour

Then you can access the hilited button in this group in script by the 
inside the group:
put the hilitedbutton of grp "my radio buttons" into its_number

will return the number (you guessed ;-) of that button inside the group
e.g. -> 2 = the second button in that group and NOT on the card!

A better approach might be to give the buttons meaningful names and
retrieve its NAME in a script:
put the hilitedbuttonname of grp "my radio buttons" into its_name

will return the name of the hilited button...


You can see if a box is checked with:
if the hilite of btn "my checkbox" then
## that button is checked

You might ask yourself why i did not script:
if the hilite of btn "my checkbox" = TRUE then...

Well, in case of retrieving Boolean values (true/false) in scripts
i count (and you can, too :-) on the "optimism" of the engine, which
ALWAYS supposes you mean TRUE, if you do not supply the
questioned value :-D

Scrolling lists with checkboxes are not suppoted as ONE object...
Means you will have to create this by combining a listfield and
a group of checkboxes...

I hope this will be supported in a later version of RR...


You can retrieve the selected text or the number of the selected line
of a listfield:

put the selectedtext of fld "my list" into igor
## you can also use the "hilitedtext"

Or the number:

put the hilitedlines of fld "my list" into igor2

The "hilitedlines" will return a list of integers sepearated by comma.
Or just one number if the field is NOT set to "multiple hilites"...

> Thank you very much in advance.

Hope that helps.

Don't forget to check the various resources of user-contributions!!!
There are many (and mostly commented ;-) stacks available on the web
and/or via Richard Gaskins great RevNet stack :-)

And this list, of course...

> Dennis F. Kahlbaum
> University of Michigan


Klaus Major
klaus at

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