OT: Convert WMA to AIFF or MP3

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Dec 10 21:32:16 EST 2003

Bob, thanks, great it works..

this is a small "quantum" leap forward in ease of voice audio  
recording. The Olumpus DM20 digital voice recorder is , 1.5 inches wide  
by about 3.5 inches tall and less than half inch thick. Records great  
quality audio/voice. Take it home, drop into it's little USB dock, file  
auto transfers to hard drive and pops up on desktop, drag and drop on  
Audion and we've got a high quality aiff file from a recording session  
with hardware that fits in the palm of your hand...

On Dec 6, 2003, at 10:59 PM, Bob Hartley wrote:

> At 15:20 06/12/2003 -1000, you wrote:
>> Does anyone know of sound software that runs on OSX that will convert  
>> Window Media Audio files to AIFF or MP3? There are some really  
>> fabulous hand held gadgets out there that will record high quality  
>> sound you can stick the thing in a little fire wire dock and transfer  
>> to your mac and listen... problem is we need to take those WMA  
>> formats and turn them into MPG.
> found this on the 3vix forum
> quote'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 
> ''''''''
> Yes! I've done it! There is a GOOD way to decode WMA on a mac!
> Tools you need:
> 1. Audion
> 2. You may need a registered version of Audion...not sure about this  
> one. Mine is registered and I'm not sure what the trial version is  
> capable of.
> What to do:
> 1. Set up Decoders in Audion. To do this in select "Console" in the  
> "Tools" menu. Make sure the WMA decoder is on in the decoders tab.
> 2. Set up Decoders in Audion. To to this hit the "Encoders" tab in the  
> console. Here you can set up what you want to convert the WMA into.
> 3. Select "New Playlist" from the file menu.
> 4. Drag your WMA files onto this playlist.
> 5. Select "Encode All Playlist Items" in the "Tools" menu.
> 6. Wait for a few minutes and you have decoded your WMA files!
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> cheers
> bob
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