Ugly Rumours.......

Mathewson richmond at
Tue Dec 9 03:06:43 EST 2003

Dear RR Afficionados & Thomas J McGrath 3 in particular,

My ego is too big too take Mr McGrath's comments as a
personal attack!


Before you muck around with RR's original set up make sure
you have backed-up the original disk image (.dmg) or
install (.exe) onto a CD or other disk.  Then if you feel
that my hacks or anybody else's have damaged the RR
environment you can delete the hacked install and
re-install from your backup.

I, personally, have broken about 25 copies of RR 2.0.1
very efficiently!  I have a CD with the installs on it so
I can trash my way through as many copies as I like.

Love, Richmond

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