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Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Tue Dec 9 08:41:31 CST 2003

GODS I hope you are just kidding with me. I never actually said  
anything about you or your software. I am new to revolution and  
something about the way that "I" installed yours and others plugins  
made my version of REV stop acting in a way I wanted it to. SO, my  
question (not rumor) was "Could one of these have caused it?" I was  
told that this was most unlikely and I believed it. That's it. That's  
as far as I went with it.
Since i am new and could not find where the 'load revTools' was  
happening I asked some questions. I don't believe I attacked anyone and  
I don't believe I attacked you. I don't believe I spread any rumors. I  
do believe I am less than one month using rev and full of questions  
trying to relate it to SuperCard where I have some experience. And yes  
I broke SC the first week I owned it.
In fact I some how changed an internal dialog box in SC that stayed  
that way on my system through about four updates of SC. Such is the  
nature of some newbies.
I actually have fixed the plugin problem I had in rev by putting my own  
script in the AltPlugin that I am using to re-open revTools and  
position it where i want it - and I decided to have that code arrange  
the rest of the work environment the way I like to work with it.
Richmond, read the posts again from me and you will see what I was  
asking and what the responses to my questions were.

On Dec 9, 2003, at 3:06 AM, Mathewson wrote:

> Dear RR Afficionados & Thomas J McGrath 3 in particular,
> My ego is too big too take Mr McGrath's comments as a
> personal attack!
> Before you muck around with RR's original set up make sure
> you have backed-up the original disk image (.dmg) or
> install (.exe) onto a CD or other disk.  Then if you feel
> that my hacks or anybody else's have damaged the RR
> environment you can delete the hacked install and
> re-install from your backup.
> I, personally, have broken about 25 copies of RR 2.0.1
> very efficiently!  I have a CD with the installs on it so
> I can trash my way through as many copies as I like.
> Love, Richmond
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