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I tried using the script editor to place a break point in the 
"preOpenStack" handler and nothing happens. In fact anywhere in the 
stack script did not work. Only at the card level was I able to get a 
break point.

I tried method two of typing breakpoint and nothing happens either. 
here is my script:

I want to see why the card 1 custom property pBeenVisisted is still 
true but the other cards pBeenVisited are false. I want the user to 
hear a voiceover only during the first visit of each card in the stack 
but when they go back to a card they would not have to hear it again. 
But if they quit the app and restart it then they would hear the 
voiceover again. I have a set the pBeenVisited of me to True in a "on 
closeCard".  I would like to track this down but can't get the debugger 
to work in the openStack or preOpenStack handlers in the main stack??

  I can't get the breakpoint to work here:

on openStack
   put the short name of this stack into lmystackname
   if lmystackname is "UnityCD" then
     repeat with c = 1 to the number of cards in stack "UnityCD"
       set the pBeenVisited of card c of stack "UnityCD" to False
     end repeat
   end if
end openStack



On Dec 5, 2003, at 10:07 AM, Jan Schenkel wrote:

> --- Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
> wrote:
>> Can anyone check on this for me?
>> I have a possible problem in my stack and am trying
>> to track it down.
>> The problem is either in the preopenstack or
>> openstack handers and I
>> can't get the debugger to start from launch of my
>> development stack.
>> I type in trace in the Transcript language
>> dictionary and get seven
>> items:
>> traceAbort
>> traceBreak
>> traceDelay
>> traceDone
>> traceError
>> traceReturn
>> traceStack
>> When I click on any of the first five the Rev
>> dictionary "locks" up and
>> nothing is displayed. If I click filter with it
>> resets and I can try
>> another but only the last two have worked for me.
>> Q: In SC I could type trace at anyplace in my
>> project and the trace
>> debugger would pop up at that point. Is this
>> possible in REV?
>> Thanks
>> Tom
> Hi Tom,
> The 'trace' messages are internal messages and
> functions used by the debugger -- so unless your name
> is MisterX and you're writing a replacement script
> editor, this probably isn't what you're looking for
> ;-)
> If you want to interrupt a script in order to debug
> it, either use the script editor to place a breakpoint
> at the right line by clicking just to the left of it ;
> or insert the command 'breakpoint' manually.
> Hope this helped,
> Jan Schenkel.
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