Drag n Drop Objects in Flash vs. Rev

Jim Hurley jhurley at infostations.com
Thu Dec 4 09:11:08 EST 2003

>Continually polling the mouse location in a repeat loop uses up a lot of
>system resources. In MacOS (before OS X) it wasn't as big a deal because
>the Mac didn't really multitask and so you weren't holding up any other
>apps very much by hogging the event queue with a long repeat loop. But
>on all other OSs, tying up the event queue with non-stop polling can
>cause problems with other background tasks. The more efficient (and
>Raney-approved) method is to use built-in Rev messages to do the polling
>for you.
>I explain it more here:
>   http://www.hyperactivesw.com/polling.html
>Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at hyperactivesw.com
>HyperActive Software           |     http://www.hyperactivesw.com


Is there a way to simulate:

   Repeat until the mouseClick

without monopolizing the CPU?

This repeat loop is useful when you want the user to be able to click 
the mouse to stop or interrupt screen activity.


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