Collision detection: a comparison.

malte brill malte.brill at
Sun Sep 29 02:57:01 EDT 2002

Hi there.
I´m still playing around with collision detection. Frist I tried using the
intersect function, but that one is not precise enough for irregular shaped
objects, as it only checks the rectangles of colliding objects. And checking
the masked data is much too slow. Actually I am working through some
tutorials I found on the web and found some math to check the distance
between two objects middle points. So now I am able to check collision for
circular shaped objects fairly precise.I made a small comparison stack
downloadable at
If you open the stack in the IDE and start using the browse tool, you might
need to hit the reset button first. I still have to add some things in the
mouseStilldown scripts of the objects, as you might move the two balls
outside of the stack or behind the walls. Anyway the stack works for me
testing the differences between the two principles. If someone knows, where
I can find more tutorials on collision detection on the web, or has made
experiences with algorithms for collision detection of ellipsoids please let
me know.



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