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Ivers, Doug E Doug_Ivers at lord.com
Sun Sep 29 01:48:01 EDT 2002

I gather from the documentation that "go back" is the same as "go recent" and "go forward" is the opposite of "go recent".

The problem I ran into is explained by way of example:  I hit the go back button X times, then I hit the go forward button X times (so far so good), then I hit the forward button again and nothing should happen, however it takes me to some other card.  Why?  How can I avoid this?

I also don't understand why the recentCards list changes when I go back -- regardless of the lockRecent property.  Since it changes, why isn't there a "recentCardsForward" list so I can know where "go forward" will go?  (I know I can use "lockScreen" and go and check the card, but that is a kludge.)

Do I have to set up a global and keep track of each "go back"?  Seems like Rev should provide this.

-- D
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