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Toma Tasovac ttasovac at Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 23 01:35:01 EDT 2002


I have a text file with a tab delimited list of words and translations, i.e.

word1   translation1
word2   translation2

I use the following code to put this file into a variable and then turn it
into an array:

on openStack
  global tTranslations
  put url "file:translations" into tTranslations
  split tTranslations with cr and tab
end openStack

Then, I have a field with some text in it.  I want the user to click on a
word in the text and have the translation displayed in another field, called
³Translation Display²  So...

on mouseUp
  global tTranslation
  select the clickChunk
  put the clickText into tClickedWord
  put tTranslations[tClickedWord] into fld "Translation Display"
end mouseUp

And that should be it.  But it¹s not.  When I click on the word, it gets
selected, but no translation appears in the ³Translation Display².  I get no
error messages. 

Any ideas on how I should troubleshoot this?


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