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Your global variable is "tTranslations" in the first handler and 
"tTranslation" in the second. Add an "s" to the second one and try 


On Monday, Sep 23, 2002, at 16:28 Australia/Sydney, Toma Tasovac wrote:

> Hi.  
> I have a text file with a tab delimited list of words and 
> translations, i.e.
> word1   translation1
> word2   translation2
> I use the following code to put this file into a variable and then 
> turn it into an array:
> on openStack
>   global tTranslations
>   put url "file:translations" into tTranslations
>   split tTranslations with cr and tab
> end openStack
> Then, I have a field with some text in it.  I want the user to click 
> on a word in the text and have the translation displayed in another 
> field, called “Translation Display”  So...
> on mouseUp
>   global tTranslation
>   select the clickChunk
>   put the clickText into tClickedWord
>   put tTranslations[tClickedWord] into fld "Translation Display"
> end mouseUp
> And that should be it.  But it’s not.  When I click on the word, it 
> gets selected, but no translation appears in the “Translation 
> Display”.  I get no error messages.
> Any ideas on how I should troubleshoot this?
>  Toma
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