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Mon Sep 16 15:40:01 EDT 2002


I posted a link to your WIKI on my RunRev site. But, I'm still getting
unusually long download times to the main page there

between 20 and 30 seconds. Any ideas why? I'm on a DSL here at work. I'm
thinking it has something to do with the port address and me being behind a
firewall. Or, the application just takes a long time to dynamically generate
the page.

BTW, why aren't you on port 80? It seems like people behind proxy servers
and firewalls may have trouble getting there on 8080. I guess it does keep
the spiders and search engines from crawling around your site..


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> >The Wiki looks cool..but are all of them that slow to load? Or
> is it a slow
> >server. Or am I just on a slow connection???
> >
> >What would be REALLY cool though, is to somehow CAPTURE the best stuff on
> >this list and put it in an online searchable database...
> >
> >Or, just allow the archive of this list to be searched (like the MetaCard
> >list)
> >
> >-Chipp
> Sorry, forgot to respond to the other two points. I think Ken Ray
> is collecting the "Best of the List," although I would certainly
> love to see such a thing on the wiki as well. I've added a page
> to the wiki -- you could have done that if you wanted ;-) It's at
> <> As always,
> anyone can post to it. Please get the author's permission, or at
> least let the author know, so he or she can delete it if he or she wants.
> I'm not sure why the list archives aren't searchable, but I'm
> sure someone reading the list does.
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