Serendipity Library Now Supports File Compression & Decompression

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Sep 18 09:55:39 EDT 2002

Hi All, has been 
updated to present the Mac/Unix file bundles in .sea.bin/.tar format 
respectively, and individual files in the Library's gzip (.sgz) 

SDB Utilities.rev, included in the bundle, has new menuItems to 
create and expand .szg archives.  This facility is limited to 
single-file archives; but it maintains the Mac resource fork, 
defaults the Mac creator/type for Windows & Unix files ending in 
.rev, .mc, and .txt, and prompts for creator/type if a "foreign" file 
has a different extension.  Archive files containing a Mac resource 
fork will not expand on Unix & Windows platforms.

There are three small issues pending resolution, all of which have 
nothing to do with Revolution:

1.  I used Apple's File Exchange to modify the Read Me text line 
endings for Windows; but have no option to prepare a text file for 
Unix.  I included the Windows version cr/lf.  Would the Mac text show 
better or worse?  What must I script to do a correct Unix conversion?

2.  Internet Explorer downloads .szgs to disk as I specified; however 
it is setting the creator/type to ttxtTEXT instead of sDIPsdb2, which 
I also specified.  What should I try to fix this?

3.  Netscape continues to display .sdgs on the screen even though I 
have set them up with "Save to Disk" option checked.  What to do?

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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