Moron OSX!! er... more on OSX, pLst and bundles

Troy Rollins troy at
Tue Sep 3 23:29:00 EDT 2002

In working with getting stuff configured for real OSX functionality, I 
find that it is currently a pain, regardless of Ken and Richard's 
helpful insights. And could use yet some additional help.

The problems are these -
1) The bundles created by Rev appear as Classic apps regardless of their 
"prefer carbon" status, and therefore the "show package contents" is not 
available. The only resolution I've found to to use Resploder, and rip 
the package apart by the threads.
2) The pLst editor does not allow editing of some of the content which 
displays in the get info dialog. Particularly the version, etc. I 
personally don't like to put out an application where every version 
reports itself as 1.1.1
3) I still have not gotten my document files to properly associate with 
the creator application. The apple events seems particularly tenuous 
under OSX.

Any additional thoughts or assistance are appreciated.

I am strongly considering building my own pLst and resource editor under 
Rev. I know it can be done more elegantly than what I am seeing right 
RPSystems, LTD

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