Moron OSX!! er... more on OSX, pLst and bundles

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Sep 4 00:20:01 EDT 2002

I share your frustration Troy. Whatever I work out I'll post to the list and
maybe to my site. It's all getting rather urgent for me because I need to
delive an app what has two file types and as yet all I can get is the
default app icon and the default plain page document icon. I can't get rid
of these with resEdit. I did find the plst XML quite simple though.

It looks to me like you need to edit both the plst and vers resources to get
the correct version number.
> In working with getting stuff configured for real OSX functionality, I
> find that it is currently a pain, regardless of Ken and Richard's
> helpful insights. And could use yet some additional help.
> The problems are these -
> 1) The bundles created by Rev appear as Classic apps regardless of their
> "prefer carbon" status, and therefore the "show package contents" is not
> available. The only resolution I've found to to use Resploder, and rip
> the package apart by the threads.
> 2) The pLst editor does not allow editing of some of the content which
> displays in the get info dialog. Particularly the version, etc. I
> personally don't like to put out an application where every version
> reports itself as 1.1.1
> 3) I still have not gotten my document files to properly associate with
> the creator application. The apple events seems particularly tenuous
> under OSX.
> Any additional thoughts or assistance are appreciated.
> I am strongly considering building my own pLst and resource editor under
> Rev. I know it can be done more elegantly than what I am seeing right
> now.
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> Troy
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