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On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 "Rebecca Goulding" <rebecca at> wrote:

> Yes thanks, I worked thoug out after a little play but I still seem
> to have some modal dialogs showing up white. It's strange because
> the have the correct background when they are palette and
> modeless. Any idea's???? the colors of both the stack and card are
> empty.

This is a bug in OS X 10.1.X.  It's fixed in 10.2, although as people
have pointed out other stuff got broken (e.g., the lack of blue color
in default buttons is unfortunately an OS X bug too, which means we
can't fix or work around it until at least the first update to 10.2).

There is a partial workaround for 10.1.X: set the alwaysBuffer of the
stack to true.  I say partial because although you'll get the right
background pattern, it doesn't match up properly with the pattern the
OS draws on the left and right edges of modal dialogs (these edges
also having been eliminated in 10.2).

Ah well, two steps forward, one back...

> > White is correct (by the guidelines) for OS X document windows (i.e.
> > topLevel stacks). If you make it a modal or modeless dialog or a palette,
> > the stripes should show up.
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