Launch doc with a program

Jyrki Kanerva jyrki.kanerva at
Thu Oct 31 14:24:01 EST 2002

Hi, how do I start a progam form inside Runrev with a specific
document (PC not Mac).

I need something similar to:

revGoURL ""

, but I have to open local pdfs and word docs for example.

I have tried the launch command, something like:

if (docFileNameWpath <> empty) then
  put word 1 to -2 of
pen\command\") into acroBaatti
  launch docFileNameWpath  with acroBaatti
end if

I cant open the same pdf again or a different pdf. So this is not a reliable
Some years ago (MetaCard) I used  External Collection, but now
the Collection works only in Macs (Runrev)?

Any suggestions. I know this been discussed some times
 but I havent found any solution yet. Some other command
than launch? How do you query reg to get right path to
launch the program.


Jyrki Kanerva

Mediakeel Oy
Linnanrakentajantie 6-8 C
00880 Helsinki
tel. 358 (0)9 323 3121
info at

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