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On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 10:01  AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Mark Swindell wrote:
>> I have a field in which I want a string of text selected, the 
>> textcolor  of
>> that string changed, and then I want the find rectangle to disappear.
>> However, looking at the transcript dictionary, it looks like the only 
>> way to
>> make the rectangle disappear is to insert the cursor into the field, 
>> or
>> leave the card.  Setting the selected of the field to false doesn't 
>> work, as
>> it does in SuperCard.  Is there another way?
>> (Also, I was going to copy and paste the section out of the 
>> dictionary to
>> quote, but discovered you can't do that.  What's up with that?)
> You can force a redraw by locking and unlocking the screen:
> on mouseUp
>   find "t" in fld 1
>   put the foundchunk into tSel
>   lock screen
>   unlock screen
> select tSel
> end mouseUp
Or you can use the find empty form to clear the find rectangle:

on mouseUp
   find "thestuff" in fld "myfld"
   set the textColor of the foundChunk to blue
   find empty
end mouseUp

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