Backdrop: another question

giulio mastrosanti giulio at
Thu Oct 31 15:34:00 EST 2002

My problems about playing a presentation full screen is fully solved, 
thanks to all you for answering...      :)
(solved also the problem of relative paths...)

I have only a little question, but not so important...
I have noticed that setting the backdrop to some color, let's say 
black, or setting it to some pattern, on the windows environment works 
great(well, at least on XP...), but on my mac the screen starts always 
with full white, then shows the backdrop color or pattern, and then the 
content of the card.

Again, not so important, but someone of you has a workaround to avoid 
this white flashing?
(did't try on classic, at the moment I'm testing only on Jaguar...)



In only few hours of playing today I'm sure  I'll not need to do an 
EXPENSIVE upgrade of Director to develop multimedia presentations for 
XP and OSX...
so, all my thanks to RunRev team and all the good people of this list...

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