Portable file names

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Wed Oct 16 10:12:00 EDT 2002

Hi Ken,

>  > 1. I recall Ken Ray telling me that a file extension is required on
>>  some platforms.
>Only if you want to map a Rev stack file to an application as a "document"
>(for Windows). Technically it doesn't need to have one for other uses (so
>for example if you have a Rev stack that is always next to your standalone
>and read by that standalone but never 2x-clicked).

This is what you wrote me on 7 July:

>>2) Several of the files do not have an extension (READ ME FIRST, for
example); you need to make sure all files have extensions (even though on
Mac OS 9 they're not necessary, they are on OS X and Windows).

>>  2. I don't know whether these are platform issues or ISP issues, but:
>>  a. extensions longer than three characters (eg: .html) can loose the
>>  4th & subsequent characters
>They shouldn't. File extensions longer than 3 characters are supported on
>all platforms (AFAIK), including UNIX and Windows servers. Can you provide
>an example of where you've seen that truncated to 3 characters?

It happened months, if not years ago, and I've stuck with 
three-character extensions ever since.  What I need is to  create a 
list of these "truths" and retest them every six to ten months to see 
if I'm still correct.

Rob Cozens
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