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Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sat Oct 12 12:33:00 EDT 2002

At 8:43 AM -0700 10/12/2002, Yves Coppé wrote:
>set useSystemDate to true
>put "05/06/1927" into startDate
>convert startDate to dateitems
>set useSystemDate to false
>answer startDate
>the answer is "2027,06,05,0,0,7"
>I watch "1927,06,05,0,0,7"
>so the person with this birthdate is 100 years younger (not yet born !!)
>Fine !!!!


If you set the centuryCutoff to 02 (or any number less than 27), you will
get the correct result of 1927. I think this is a bug (if you have 4-digit
years turned on then the system date should respect them and not ignore the
century), but this will work around it and avoid making people 100 years
too young.

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