Geometry Manager

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Sun Oct 13 21:52:01 EDT 2002

> Geometry Manager.
> Hmm.
> "First, choose ³Don't Move² from the Top menu in the Geometry Manager."
> What "Don't Move? What Top menu? (Or am I being particularly dense,
> blind or both?) Mac OS X 10.2. This seems to be missing. Also, the
> palette has truncated text. (I have turned on Mac OS Emulated in View
> but toggling between these 2 modes seems to make no difference).

When the GeoMan is open and the "scaling" tab is selected, there are 4
popups under "Maintain dimensions relative to", named right, left, top and
bottom. Choose "Don't move" from the popup labeled "top".

> And is it just me or are the results from "Geometry Manager" somewhat
> interesting?
> [...]
> So far, I love the idea of Rev but its execution seems to be
> frightfully buggy.

The GeoMan is not the most reliable part of RunRev; I always make my own
'resizeStack' handler, doing my own positioning calculations. But I wonder
how you were able to test the reliability of the GeoMan without being able
to find a menu item from the 'top' menu. Or do you just mean that some
palette elements are not well positioned under OS X, so the software is

I think it is not really fair to judge RunRev because it has some features
that don't work well. The strength of RunRev is it's scriptability. 90% or
more of the 'tailormade' software and many other applications can be made
rapidly using RunRev. But you can't really show these features in a
tutorial. You can mainly show some readymade features like the GeoMan;
unfortunately the weaker parts of RunRev. But don't let that distract you.
It is like buying a CD; you seldomly like all the tracks. Some tracks you
don't like, but you still buy it because of the tracks you do like. Or is
this example outdated in this MP3 age?


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