dealing w/ multidimensional arrays

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You can access them by getting the "keys" of the array. For example:

  get the keys of myArr

Would return a multiline result:

  type 1,color red
  type 1,color blue
  type 2,color red
  type 2,color blue

Does this help you at all?

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> It seems that Rev only simulates support for multidimensional arrays by 
> concatenating the key together for you. It makes creating 
> multidimensional arrays easy.  That's great but how do you get the data 
> out, unless you know the entire concatenated array key before hand? And 
> how likely is that? Do I have to use regular expressions to match my 
> "multidimensional" array keys to access my data?
> Illustrating my problem
> put "x" into myArr["type 1", "color red"]
> put "y" into myArr["type 1", "color blue"]
> put "z" into myArr["type 2", "color red"]
> put "a" into myArr["type 2", "color blue"]
> -- oops can't do this:
> put myArr["type 1"] into myArrayOfTypeOneObjects
> Am I missing something here, or is the multidimensional array support 
> only really during the creation of array keys, and not for accessing 
> them?
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