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Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Sat Oct 12 08:52:01 EDT 2002

On 12/10/02 7:03 am, Scott Raney <raney at metacard.com> wrote:

> There's definitely some confusion here: these are not what would be
> called "plug-ins" in RR, they'd be externals.  All of these things
> *could* be done with externals, many of them quite straightforwardly,
> at least if you know C and can find some sample code for them.  If
> there is anything RR lacks here in relation to RB, it's the installed
> base that likes to develop and release these kinds of things.  There
> are at least three reasons for this I think:

Right.  And I would put in a fourth reason, in front of all of these.
Revolution has only been shipping for a year.  Look at the history of just
about any new technology: it takes time for all this stuff to come together.
When you look at this in the context of our original time projections for
this sort of thing to develop, we're doing just fine.

> As for the specific elements on your list, most of our customers (and
> potential customers) don't need 3D, so that will probably have to wait

Note this isn't an RR specific statement (I can't make one at this time).

> But sheets and animated buttons are
> already done for the upcoming release, SSL is on the to-do list for
> the release after that, USB and Firewire should be straightforward at
> least on Mac OS X given the existing "open driver" feature (though
> we've had very few requests for these, and very little interest even
> in "open driver" itself), and RR is already working on some of the QT
> recording features.

There is going to be a *lot* of stuff in the next release, then more in the
release after.  Our year two is going to be just great.  Please be patient.

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