big pb with standAlone & MySQL

Sylvain Le Gourriérec sylvain.legourrierec at
Sat Oct 12 08:54:01 EDT 2002


I really need help.

I develop a backoffice. Not a very difficult thing but I have to be very care about the relationships between the standAlone revolution app & MySQL.

Into the development environment, no pb. So, I build the distribution. 

It arrived that I got a "revdberr, restricted under current license" !

So I decided to write my script again :((

I have no more error message but only 20 rows are retrieved!

Of course I have a license.

What can I do? I waste a lot of time with that...


ps  of course, my scripts are not basic. But they are not very complex. The most complex function I wrote includes just  3 functions call!

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------------- I am working with Windows 2000, Revolution 1.1.1, MySQL 3.23 & PHP 4
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