OT Re: REALbasic vs. Revolution

miscdas at boxfrog.com miscdas at boxfrog.com
Sat Oct 12 05:10:01 EDT 2002

Please, please continue with a business paradigm that includes "do things
right, rather than quick". As a Windoze user, I am sick of the buggy 
bloatware offered by MS. I NEVER install version 1.x of any MS products; the 
patches and bug fixes that have to be installed are a testament to the 
"great ball of string" being so huge and tangled that we're forever locked 
in a never-ending cycle of fixes and patches. 



Scott Raney writes: 

> Our natural inclination when adding engine features is to do things
> right, rather than quick.  This means it might take longer to make
> some things available, the eventual product is of better quality and
> easier to use than what you get with some other products...
>   Regards,
>     Scott

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