OT Re: REALbasic vs. Revolution

miscdas at boxfrog.com miscdas at boxfrog.com
Sat Oct 12 04:58:00 EDT 2002

I AGREE! Please continue to add your thought-provoking commentary. To make a 
good stew, the pot must be stirred from time-to-time. 




Richard Gaskin writes: 

> Troy Rollins wrote: 
>> This is my last post on the topic. Maybe at all here.
> Troy, I'll get on bended knee if necessary, but your posts have been among
> the most thought-provoking here yet.  I can honestly say I've spent more
> time thinking about words you've laid down here than 90% of the email I read
> (you even got me poking around in iShell for hours one night -- fscinating
> gadget). 
> I'm back to good ol' Rev nerd talk here myself, and I think a lot of folks
> share your sentiment.  Please stay, and stay vocal.

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