REALbasic vs. Revolution

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Oct 10 16:13:01 EDT 2002

Troy Rollins wrote:

>> Aside from throbbing default buttons and dialog sheets on OS X (neither of
>> which have ever been mentioned by my customers), what specific things might
>> users expect that can't be supported in Rev?
> Richard, I am a big fan of Rev, and have attempted be be very fair on both
> lists. In most cases, I prefer Rev over RB. But the bottom line is - on OSX
> (or for that matter any OS supported by RB) RB applications look and feel
> more "native" than Rev apps do. In virtually every way. Rev feels "pseudo
> native." Now, this does not always get in the way, but at times it does.
> Sometimes throbbing default buttons and dialog sheets really do matter.

Both of those are in the works.  Other issues can be addressed if they were

> I'm trying not to get too defensive, since I have always been a Rev
> supporter - but to assume that one must choose one or the other tool... I
> for one can't do that right now.

Me neither.  But to provide useful advisement to the Rev team to help them
prioritize, we can get farther once we identify specific differences in
control appearance and behavior that are a concern.

To date, the list has included only two items (throbbing defaults and
sheets), but if there are others they should be worth listing.

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