How real is the embedded web-page technique?

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Thu Oct 10 01:56:23 EDT 2002

At 7:48 PM -0700 10/9/2002, Scott Rossi wrote:
>I've seen the "Can I view HTML pages in Rev/MC?" questions come up time and
>again on the Rev and MC lists, and perhaps it's just me, but it seems that
>the answers given often skirt the intent of the original question.  IMO, it
>would be more useful for new users to be told directly that Rev/MC does
>*not* provide an embedded Web browser, nor does it render HTML on its own.
>I believe it would be in your best interest as the creators of the tools to
>reference Rev/MC's ability to display *HTML source* and not the rendered
>HTML pages that folks see in a Web browser.

Um... but it does render HTML, via the htmlText property. Not all of the
HTML 4.0 spec, certainly, but it renders basic inline styling, images, and
links. That's not enough for all purposes but it seems to me it is enough
to say that Rev "renders HTML on its own".

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