"Conforming" UI (was:REALbasic vs. Revolution)

Ray Bennett smilingeyes at mac.com
Thu Oct 10 20:48:01 EDT 2002

Kurt - can you give us an idea of what sort of users you had?  Were they 
random public folks or folks from a specific walk of life (such as 
engineers, math teachers, lawyers, accountants)?  Just curious because 
we're in the middle of several UI considerations for a cross-platform 
app that will be going to a somewhat random "suzy/joe public"

Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> Matt Denton wrote:
> "...the Shareware market is sensitive to non-conforming apps: it is a 
> mark of how 'stable' or 'professional' the application is...."
> I recently released two applications for Mac OS 9, X, and Windows.  
> More because of severe time restrictions than anything else, I chose 
> not to use use menus.  Of all the feedback I received for both 
> applications, only one person (a Mac OS X user) complained or even 
> mentioned the lack of menus (I told him to quit the app by closing its 
> window, which answer seemed to satisfy him).
> Certain users I guess might be put off by "non-standard" application 
> behavior, but unless there are many other applications available which 
> provide exactly the same function, they are generally happy just to 
> "get the job done" with the tools provided.
> -Kurt
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