Import snapshot and export to JPEG

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Wed May 29 12:36:01 EDT 2002

on 5/29/02 9:53 AM, Bill Vlahos at bvlahos at wrote:

> The following observations are for both a stack in the IDE (1.1.1) and
> as a standalone on TiBook Mac OS X.
> The import snapshot command works fine but when I select the area to
> capture the dragging leaves a lot of rectangle lines visible on the
> screen. This doesn't effect the captured image but is distracting. I've
> tried locking the screen but then nothing is captured.
> The after I select the image I save it as a JPEG with a .jpg extension.
> This works fine except the file type in the Finder doesn't think it is a
> graphic image. When I double click on it, TextEdit is opened and a bunch
> of text is displayed. If I open it in Preview it looks fine.
> Anyone have ideas on these?
Hi Bill, 

Well, this isn't strictly an RR thing, but, from personal experience, the
Finder doesn't always automatically evaluate and display a filetype for you.
You have to open in some software that can decode it, like QuickTime or
PhotoShop, etc. Also, of course, just 'naming' a filetype doesn't make it
'be' that filetype, i.e., you can name a '.pic' file '.jpg', but it is
_still_ a .pic file (but I assume you know that).

So try dropping it on QT and see what happens. Note: the Previwer _already
knows_ what it is from the time of creation, so it will automaticaly display

Ken N.

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