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Thu Mar 28 14:08:18 EST 2002

At 12:07 PM +0000 3/28/02, Michael Foy wrote:
>name Michael Foy
>I have been an alcoholic (whoops wrong group) Mac user since 1984, Loved
>Hertz....'s HyperCard, agreed with Douglas Adams views of HyperCard, still
>think it was the best card programming applications, then owned Supercard
>(ah the colour, bliss, oh separate editor player, oh well) still a very nice
>program) Ah Revolutions, er, bit confusing, still a very nice program, v
>powerful, just a shame there is no documentation, (I know there is on-line,
>but, nothing better than a bit of paper)

Printed documentation is coming...

In the meantime, you can use the RTFer stack available on the user contributions page to extract the online documentation to RTF format (or text or HTML).

By the way, as a general note, I fixed the but in RTFer where it put the syntax example in place of the example code, and I added a page number to the RTF export.

>So long live the revolution and hopefully we have some revolution gurus
>Is there an easy way to convert HyperCard stacks to revolution?

Yes and no. Yes, in that you simply open the HyperCard stack in Revolution (couldn't be easier than that, could it?). No, in that many HyperCard stacks use XCMDs or syntax that are unnecessary or slightly different in Revolution. Generally, for any reasonably complicated stack it's a reasonably involved process. Check out the excellent tutorial at:



Geoff Canyon
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