Problem with modification dates

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Mar 28 14:08:00 EST 2002

At 8:33 AM -0500 3/28/02, Tim wrote:
>I have two identical stacks on two machines, a Mac OS X and a Win2K. I want
>to have a third stack be able to look up the modification date of both
>stacks and open the most recently modified stack. The problem is that when I
>open the stack which resides on a Mac with PC Revolution and modify it  and
>save it, the modification date does not change on a Mac. This is very weird
>stuff indeed. Does anyone have a solution?

Do the stacks have the same name? You might be getting tripped up by Revolution's method of storing stacks in RAM. When you close a stack, it isn't really closed unless its destroyStack is set to true.


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