Quicktime Movie PLayer

Daniel Dacey ddacey007 at dingoblue.net.au
Wed Mar 13 07:47:00 EST 2002

Hi folks,
I’m a newbie to Revolution and am having real trouble with figuring out how
to assign and play a movie in Revolution. Basically what I would like to do
is have a series of buttons or thumbnails which the user can click on. The
buttons would then change the movie displayed in a Quicktime window (Same
window for all movies) and play the movie. Think of like a video jukebox.
Any ideas how to do this?

I also would like to use the built in Quicktime movie player controls for
the playback of the movie. While I know how to enable the QT control, it
sometimes seems to lose the focus and not respond to mouse clicks etc. How
do I make sure the Quicktime movie control has the focus when playing

Any and all help gratefully received!

Daniel Dacey
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