Commercial Examples? Training?

David Phillips dcphillips at
Wed Mar 13 05:12:01 EST 2002


I know this has been asked before, but does anyone have any commercial
products developed in Rev that are available for sale now?  Or
at least professional-quality examples? (Apart from the typing
tutor and what's on the MetaCard app examples page?  We know
Rev is young, but...?)

We're especially interested in products that are graphically
intense (taking advantage of the animation manager and/or QT)
and those that use Valentina or other external databases.  We're
also interested in anyone that has commercial/near-commercial
INTERNET products written in Rev for sale now.

We're just trying to get a better idea of the possibilities of
the tool.  Examples are a great way for us to do that.  We also
want to support Rev developers.  


We're also looking for anyone that has computer-based training
on Rev/MC available for sale.
Most of our developers do not have a Hypercard background, so
it's a different way of thinking for us.  We would love to see
narrated screen-capture MPEGs of someone using the tool on example
projects or the like.  Might this even be something RR itself
would tackle as a supplemental product?

I don't  think anyone has done this yet, but I think it would
help speed the adoption of the tool.  I know that we are holding
out to buy more licenses until we get more comfortable with Rev's
capabilities.  The written tuturials are a bit slow-going. 

Finally, does Rev support "drag and drop" operations (like one
can achieve with Flash,etc.)?

Many thanks.

- David

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