Converting seconds work around?

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Thu Mar 7 12:40:01 EST 2002

>It should work just like converting any other date form, e.g.

>  convert long seconds to long date and short time
>  -- places resulting date and time in "it"
>  answer "The date and time is" && it

>or if you have the long seconds form in a container,

>  convert myVariable from long seconds to date and time
>  answer "The date and time is" && myVariable

>Jeanne A. E. DeVoto ~ jeanne at
>Runtime Revolution Limited - Power to the Developer!

Thank you Jeanne, 

I could not get this to work with a variable, however. My work around was to 
'get' my variable, and then everything worked:

    put the seconds into mySeconds
    get mySeconds
    convert it to long time

If I tried "convert mySeconds to long time" it would only return the seconds. 

Windows 98SE
Rev 1.1.1B1


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