Deleting Stacks

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Thu Mar 7 17:30:01 EST 2002

Normally I would be quite upset, but since this has happened twice already, I 
am in the habit of making backups of my backups every 5 minutes when I work 
with Revolution...since it just deleted every .rev file within it's own 
directory (I am not kidding).

Here is the pattern:

I have any main stack open.

I build a distribution of another stack.

I click the closebox of the distribution builder, select "No" to save.

Open the stack that you just built the distribution from.

Edit something, save under the same name, close an remove from memory.

Build another distribution of the stack you just edited.

The distribution builder opened back up with the same settings that I left it 
with (clicking the closebox doesn't really 'close and remove from memory'). 
As soon as I pressed 'Build Distribution', I heard the hard drive doing 
something, and then a dialog came up and said "The stack cannot be found" (or 
something to that effect). When I went to look for my files...they were ALL 
gone! I was able to save the stack I still had in memory, but like I said, I 
do back-ups every few minutes when I work with Rev!

This happened to be on my Windows 98SE machine, but it has happened twice on 
my Mac OS 8.6. That was a few revisions back...I thought we had this 
frightening bug squished! I am now using Rev 1.1.1 B1.

It also deleted my license...


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