ODBC & Rev on a Mac

Tariel Gogoberidze PMDA at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 7 13:18:01 EST 2002

> From: OkayActivist Kemetian <okpkemetian at yahoo.com>
> Subject: ODBC & Rev on a Mac

> I am trying to use the database manager to connect to
> a Filemaker Pro 5.5. database on Mac OS 9.2.  With it
> comes the ODBC control panel 3.51.  when i try to make
> the connection in Rev's DB Manager i get the following
> error:
> i simply want to be able to add data to fields and
> retrieve the data from the Filemaker Pro db using Rev.
> i've looked at the help in the database manager to no
> avail and the vb/rev comparison eg app is developed on
> windows.

You may also use FMP web companion  to add/retrieve  data  from  FMP.
BTW, this works much  faster then ODBC.
Generally,  all you have  to do is  to type

post  "-db=employees.fp5&-lay=layoutName&-format=formats.htm&first
name=Doe&last name=Jons&-find" to url ""

put urldecode  (it) into  field 1


"" = your IP address  (assuming you are online,  if you 
are not,  there  is another  way to communicate  with  FMP locally)
employees.fp5 =  the  name of your  FMP database
layoutName = the name of layout you  are referring  to
formats.htm = response  file  that should be  located in your  "web" 
folder inside the  FMP application  folder and  which  contains names of
the  fields  you want to retrieve after search,  for example

[FMP-Field: grade]
[FMP-Field: address]

note: folder named  web  is  a  folder  inside your FMP  application 
folder  where FMP  looks  by default for  format  (response)  files

However, it  was (or still is?)  a  bug  in LibURL that  was preventing
post  command to work  with FMP.  If  this bug is still  a case  you 
can  use your own  costume socket  function to send/retrieve  data, for example:

on mouseUp
  put  "-db=employees.fp5&-lay=layoutName&-format=formats.htm&first
name=Doe&last name=Jons&-find" into TheCall
  put number of chars of TheCall into Nchars
  put "" into TheURL
  put "POST /employee_database/FMPro? HTTP/1.0" & CRLF into tString
## employee_database is a folder inside  your  web  folder
  put "host: " &TheURL& CRLF after tString
  put "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & CRLF  after tString
  put "Content-Length: " & Nchars&  CRLF & CRLF &TheCall after tString
  open socket  to TheURL
  write tString to socket TheURL -- send your data to socket
  read from socket TheURL until CRLF
 ## confirmation from the server = "HTTP/1.0 200 OK"
  read from socket TheURL until  CRLF &  CRLF
 ## Returned header from.Server:
 ## FileMakerPro/5.0
 ## MIME-Version: 1.0
 ## Content-type: text/html
  read from socket  TheURL for 100000
 ## here I don't  know for how many chars  I should read, 
 ## because "content-length" is not  returned in the header (also the
reason why LibUrl fails)
 ## so  I picked some random number
  put urlDecode(it) into  last fld
end mouseUp

Of course  this function is simplified, no error checking 
etc, but it should  work  with FMP

Best  regards
Tariel Gogoberidze

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