How to use tab UI widgets?

Klaus Major kmajor at
Mon Mar 4 08:07:01 EST 2002

Hi Terry and all,

>> I'm wondering how I use the tab widgets.  I create the widget, then 
>> drag
>> some UI elements on to page 1 and now want to go to page 2 and do the 
>> same.
>> I've noticed that the widgets don't seem to be putting themselves on a 
>> tab
>> pane.
> A tab is actually just a button used as a menu. When you click on the
> rightmost tab of the properties palette, you can name the tabs. Then in 
> the
> script of the button, you put a script like:
> on menuPick pWhich
>   switch pWhich
>   case "firsttab"
>     hide group "secondstuff"
>     show group "firststuff"
>     break
>   case "secondtab"
>     hide group "firststuff"
>     show group "secondstuff"
>     break
>   end switch
> end menuPick
> Terry

it is even easier and shorter ;-)

on menupick new_group, old_group
   hide grp old_group
   show grp new_group
end menupick

Take a (deeper ;-) look in the index on "menupick"

Regards from germany

Klaus Major
kmajor at

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