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Bob Rasmussen brasmussen at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 1 02:50:00 EST 2002


I appreciate the research you did on this.  You've clarified many of the issues I raised.

I'm still experimenting, trying to better understand how multiple waits of various sorts interact with oneanother.  My interest has to do with attempting to emulate some sort of rudimentary multithreading behavior with a centralized scheduler that can dole out processing time in a controlled fashion. I believe "send ... in <delay>" semantics alone aren't quite up to that.

Given the way messaging works in TransScript, threads would have to be cooperative, of course, but I can work around that.

Although I still have some timing questions to resolve, I think I've got much of it figured out.  The other "wait" forms are very useful, but "wait for messages" is turning out to have no role in my particular application, now that I know what it's doing.

Thanks for your help.


David Vaughan wrote:

> On Tuesday, February 26, 2002, at 12:11 , David Vaughan wrote various
> things readable in the previous post by me under this title :-)
> Replying to myself ;-) ... of course the "wait {N time} with messages"
> will wait the time you define while allowing other actions, and is not
> accelerated by those actions, whereas "wait {N time}" simply waits. None
> of this makes "wait for messages", apparently meaning a random time up
> to half a second, very useful ... so far.
> regards
> David

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