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David Vaughan drvaughan55 at mac.com
Fri Mar 1 05:16:00 EST 2002


I definitely and repeatably measure 30 ticks in the Rev Dev 
environment - half a second. No message recognisable by Umbrellaman (nor 
Idle nor mouseWithin, which Uman does not watch) triggered the break so 
I assume it was caused by an internal "send...in.." or equivalent rather 
than a Transcript event message. This was on OS X 10.1.3. Are you really 
getting 30 seconds, not 30 ticks, or was that a typo? If you are, why 
the difference (it might be a clue to the cause)?

I confirmed it works as you say in the runtime environment ... which is 
pretty interesting ... might we have some documentation of this fact 
please, while waiting for decisions on a fix...? :-)


On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 07:16 , Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

> At 5:26 PM -0800 2/25/2002, David Vaughan wrote:
>> Replying to myself ;-) ... of course the "wait {N time} with messages"
>> will wait the time you define while allowing other actions, and is not
>> accelerated by those actions, whereas "wait {N time}" simply waits. 
>> None
>> of this makes "wait for messages", apparently meaning a random time up
>> to half a second, very useful ... so far.
> I have taken a look at what "wait for messages" is doing. It works as
> documented - that is, it waits until a message is sent - in a standalone
> (or in MC, for that matter) but it times out after 30 seconds in Rev's
> development environment. In these situations your handler shows results 
> as
> you'd expect. My best guess at the moment is that the dev environment is
> sending a message every 30 seconds that has the effect of timing out 
> wait
> for messages.... I'm still getting more info on this and whether it 
> might
> be changeable.
> But it does work properly in a standalone, or when launched without the
> development environment running.
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