Plain text posts

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Sun Mar 3 15:04:01 EST 2002

> Ian and Sarah: Thank you for your earlier, you got me started in the right
> direction and I know have a much better understanding of Revolution (although
> I am sure i have only scratched the surface)...
> (I hope that isn't considered a non-plain text message.. ;-) )

Of course I get the joke, but the funny thing is that it was indeed a
non-plain text message! What our wise mother Heather was talking about was
HTML-encoded messages, which mess up the digests and the list-archives. It
is kinda tricky because most e-mail clients make HTML-encoded messages by
default. It is not only the use of fonts, sizes and styles that make a
message HTML-encoded, but even the ABILITY to use them, indicates that the
message is HTML-encoded.


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