XMCD/XFCN (about...)

Sylvain Bouju sylvanbouju at libertysurf.fr
Wed Mar 6 10:54:01 EST 2002

on 5/03/02 18:49, Ken Norris (dialup) at pixelbird at interisland.net wrote:

> As I understand it, only type 1 XCMD's work with Rev. The 'higher' forms of
> XCMD's designed for HC won't work with Rev.

And does anybody know if Rinaldi's fullHPop XFCN is of the right type?

Seing your message, I just tried to install it into a Rev stack
with Resedit; then I made a button with a script like this:

on mouseDown

  put "color,red,yellow,green,blue" into line 1 of myMenu
  put "size,S,M,L,XL" into line 2 of myMenu
  put the clickLoc into myClickLoc
  subtract 5 from item 1 of myClickLoc
  subtract 5 from item 2 of myClickLoc

  put "Geneva,9" into myLook
  get fullHPop(myMenu,myClickLoc,myLook)
  put it into message box
end mouseDown

The popup menu pops OK on mousedown, nothing wrong happens
if I "mouseUp" with no choice (outside of the menu), but
I get a brutal Revolution quitting with type 1 error message
when I try to make a choice in the menu...

PS: I have tried hard too in order to just begin to
emulate this XFCN under Revolution language alone, but
without any success:-(

Sylvain Bouju
sbouju at bigfoot.com

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