Dreamscape Software webmaster at
Fri Jun 14 12:28:01 CDT 2002

> Isn't that the whole point?  If you are selling by CC, they have to give
you their CC number anyway.  What they get back is a
> code that includes, very clearly, the same CC number by which they made
their purchase.  You can bet, if it's a valid CC, they
> are not going to be giving that baby away on a mailing list or PTP!

Yes, it would make people think twice before giving out their number.  But
in a lot of cases, the serials that are being traded around the net are not
actual "authentic" serials.  They are generated.  So unless the program is
tied in with a completely secure 24-hour database of credit card numbers, it
really doesn't do that much for protection.

It all comes down to the Key.  Crack the key and you've got it.  Whether you
use their Credit Card number, Telephone Number, Social Security Number or
any other type of doesn't make a difference.  Someone will crack

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